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The County of San Mateo is proposing changes to zoning and other development regulations in several parts of North Fair Oaks. This project includes following three components:

  1. Amendments to the existing commercial mixed-use and neighborhood mixed-use zoning districts along Middlefield Road, El Camino Real, and 5th Avenue, to ensure that the zoning regulations are consistent with recent changes to State law, to improve clarity and usability of the regulations, and to ensure the zoning regulations are implementing the goals of the North Fair Oaks Community Plan.

The project does not propose changes to the allowed height or density in any of the existing mixed-use zoning districts.

  1. Rezoning of several residentially-zoned areas adjacent to El Camino Real and Middlefield Road to allow more multifamily and commercial-residential mixed-use development. The rezoning portion of the project would result in increased heights and densities in these areas.

  2. Environmental review of the proposed changes, to ensure that any environmental impacts are identified and addressed.

While the scope of this project primarily includes the above three components, it is also an opportunity to gather broader input from the community on its needs, conditions, and goals, input that may inform this project, or be incorporated in future initiatives.

This project focuses only on parcels along Middlefield Road, El Camino Real, and 5th Avenue as shown on the map.


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